Common Conservatory Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Conservatory Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Conservatory Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Conservatory Problems and How to Solve Them

A conservatory is the dream upgrade for many homeowners – a beautiful bright indoor space from which to enjoy your garden in comfort. But common conservatory problems turn that dream into a bit of a nightmare for many.

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Temperature issues are Perhaps the most notorious of the conservatory problems we will discuss. Regulating the temperature of your conservatory can be incredibly difficult, and failure to do so can not only lead to discomfort; it could also be costing you a small fortune.

Using a heater or air conditioning unit in your conservatory may make the space usable for you in the short term. However, this will increase your electricity bill and will only counteract, not solve the problem.

You may want to consider thermal conservatory curtains or blinds. These should help to stop your conservatory from overheating in the summer but will not provide much protection from the winter cold.

Although these strategies will all help in the short term, the fact is that the temperature of your conservatory is so challenging to regulate is largely down to the roof. A standard conservatory roof provides poor insulation and massively amplifies the heat of the sun.

A more permanent solution to this problem would be to invest in a tiled conservatory roof replacement

A tiled conservatory roof will properly insulate your space for the winter months and will stop the temperature from skyrocketing in the summer by shielding the room from the sun.

Although slightly more expensive in the short term than some of the other solutions we’ve discussed, a tiled roof will save you money on your energy bills in the long term and is the most effective way of solving conservatory problems associated with extreme temperatures.

Damp and Condensation

If one of your conservatory problems is regulating the temperature, chances are you’re also experiencing dampness, condensation, and possibly dangerous mould.

Making sure that your conservatory is well ventilated is key to keeping condensation under control. A good quality conservatory should have ventilation built-in, such as air bricks or vents on windows and doors. However, this is often insufficient, and condensation builds up anyway.

The easiest short-term solution is to use a dehumidifier. These can use an eye-watering amount of electricity and will need monitoring and emptying regularly.

You can also try keeping water in your conservatory to a minimum. Don’t keep coats, brollies or washing in there, and don’t have too many plants.


There’s no getting around it – a glass or polycarbonate roof is going to be noisy in the rain. In many cases, the noise level can make this part of the house completely unusable – which in the rainy climate of the UK is a big problem.

There are, however, some things you can do to reduce the noise levels slightly.

Most of the solutions that work for temperature insulation will also help to dampen sound. ­ Opting for double, or ideally triple glazing and furnishing your conservatory with thick curtains or blinds will reduce the noise level.

It’s also worth taking a bit of care in how you furnish your conservatory. A minimally furnished space will be echoey, and the noise from the rain will be amplified as it bounces off hard floors and furnishings.

Consider equipping your conservatory with rugs, wooden furniture and plenty of cushions and throws to help minimise potential echo.

As with temperature control, the most effective way to solve this issue would be to invest in a replacement roof.


Ultimately, lots of these conservatory problems are inherent in the materials used to construct the space. Although you can do many small things to mitigate the issues, most of them need to be done regularly, and they will often only offer a partial solution.

If these conservatory problems are bad in your home, or you find the small solutions are inadequate, it may well be time to invest in a more long term solution such as a tiled conservatory roof replacement.

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