Safety and Security: The Importance of Robust Locking Systems for Patio and Bifold Doors

Safety and Security: The Importance of Robust Locking Systems for Patio and Bifold Doors

Patio Doors

The correct patio door security lock

With patio doors that lock in the centre rather than at one end, the gap between the two is an obvious weakness and should be secured with a robust patio door security lock, ideally with a three-point mechanism.

It is also worth considering if one patio door can be locked so that it is permanently secured in position. Having only one movable patio door will greatly increase the security of any house as it eliminates the risk of doors being forced off their tracks.

Placing bolts between the two doors at the top and bottom will also strengthen the overall structure of the doors whether one is secured or not.

aluminium sliding patio doors
Patio Doors

Extra security for patio doors

With doors, bear in mind that burglars often attempt to break patio doors by forcing them off their tracks. If you are concerned about this,  consider investing in a patio door lock bar. A well-built and properly installed bar will make it almost impossible for intruders to force patio doors in this way.

Likewise, a burglar may try to lift patio doors up and out of their frames, so it is a good idea to install an anti-lift device. This decreases the space between the top of the door and its frame, preventing burglars from lifting  the door far enough to remove it from the runners.

Double glazed patio doors are far from easy to smash, all the more so if fibreglass coastal or hurricane windows with an internal sheet of plastic are used. A burglar trying to force entry by this means will have to break at least two layers of strong glass – and the gas or plastic in between acts as a buffer that will make the task even more difficult.

Even so, it is possible to provide extra security for patio doors by reinforcing them further with glass protection film. A burglar will still be able to smash their way inside, particularly if they are using a tool, but this will be noisy and time-consuming and, as such, likely to deter opportunistic intruders.

Patio doors also present another problem, one that no amount of locks or bars will fix. They act as giant windows into a house, putting valuables left inside on display to thieves. They also make it much easier for an intruder to tell if the house is unoccupied. For this reason, installing a set of patio door shutters can help camouflage your property to avoid it catching a burglar’s eye.

Patio door shutters have myriad benefits. Not only are they an attractive safety precaution, they also help block out light – an ideal means of keeping the room cool on hot summer days when uncovered French windows would turn your home into a greenhouse. Studies have shown that they also retain heat in winter.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are sturdy and boast an array of safety features, making them a great choice for installation.

Despite concern that they can be prone to break-ins, because of their multiple frames and glass panels, they are strong and can be an invaluable addition to your home’s security arsenal.

Fitting bifold doors made from tough, sturdy, and long-lasting material should always be your first choice.

They have a high-quality lock system, and by adding other enhancements, such as a screen and a sturdy handle, can boost security even further.

The multipoint locking system ensures that the top and bottom of the frame are locked into place, making it impossible for an intruder to enter.
This multi-point locking system offers up to five times more security than a standard lock.
Bifold doors also have an in-line tracking system, which attaches the door to its bottom track (made of hardened steel), making it difficult to lift from its frame.

black bifold doors
Bifold Doors

The Best Locks

When it comes to bifold doors, the more locking points there are, the more secure the door will be.
You can opt for one or more of the following locking systems:
Twin-point locks are the most widely used option. These locks are easy to use, and because their locking system is housed along the centre of the frame, they allow lock points along the top and bottom to engage with the frame.
Euro cylinder locks are standard on uPVC doors. The barrel on a euro cylinder lock pulls away from the door and requires the handle to be turned up to lock the door. Though not very common on wooden bifold doors, euro cylinder locks can easily be installed by a local locksmith for added security.
Drop bolts are built into the top and bottom of the frame. When locked, these bolts engage with the door frame, acting as a secondary locking system to provide maximum security.
Deadbolt locks are standard in most bifold doors and operate with a key or a built-in twisting locking mechanism. The more deadbolts present, the stronger and more secure the door.

For more information on our patio doors and bifold doors, please get in touch. Your customers will thank you for giving their homes extra security.

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