Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

When choosing a bifold door for your residential or commercial application, you can consider a wide variety of benefits. But why should you choose an aluminium bifold door? Read on to find out more.

An aluminium bifold door is ideal for your property because it is thermally efficient. It comes with advanced double glazing as standard. This will help create a robust thermal barrier that traps natural heat indoors while leaving cold air inside. This will save you plenty of money on your energy bills and keep you and your family warm and comfortable. This is ideal in winter conditions where you will experience rising energy bills. But not only that, but it is also suitable in the summer because the door is compact and folds open. This will let a breath of fresh air into your home.

The doors will keep your property much warmer because it brings an influx of natural light. This will save you money on your heating bills because you don’t have to rely on your central heating. What’s more, if you have a naturally dark room, your doors will bring a welcoming atmosphere and help your space feel more positive. This will boost the kerb appeal if you have a residential property because potential buyers will love the illusion of a bigger space.

Aluminium Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors

The doors are also very secure for your home, thanks to their advanced double glazing. This will keep the door stand firm against robust knocks from intruders. What’s more, if you have bad weather conditions, then the durability of the door means it won’t rust, warp, or fade. It features airtight and watertight seals, which will stop water from seeping in. This will keep your space dryer for longer, saving you money on repairs. But a bifold door is not just a good heat insulator. It is also a strong insulator of sound because it reduces outside noises. This will help your space be more private, so you don’t get distracted by heavy traffic or even aeroplanes. Enjoy a quieter space in the long run.

A bifold door will also keep your space closer to nature because it will help you enjoy the outside space from the comfort of your home. The door will give you beautiful panoramic views. This will also give you the illusion of a bigger space, helping create a minimalist feel in your home. The doors are also very compact because they fold out like a concertina.

Aluminium offers the highest level of durability for your bifold door, meaning that you will get something that is both strong and secure for your commercial or residential property. Not only that, but the colours are powder coated to withstand tough weather conditions. What’s more, intruders will find it very hard to break in because the double glazing is fitted tightly into the frame, so crowbars won’t be able to pry it open. There are options from Secured by Design and multi-point locking systems that will bolster your home’s security in the long run.

9 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors also look fantastic because they will boost the visual appeal of your commercial or residential property. They are customisable because you can choose whatever colour or finish you want. If you want your door to have a natural look, then opt for a woodgrain finish. Compared to standard frames, the doors can be narrower and unobtrusive, leading to larger glazing panels. This results in uninterrupted panoramic views across your property, thanks to slim and clear sightlines. Their incredible versatility lets you add integral blinds into your home, which help regulate natural light.

We give you the creative freedom to customise your bifold door. You can choose whether you want to open the left or right door, and they can even fold inwards and outwards. There are a lot of options that will enhance its functionality and boost its market value.

Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors

When you choose a brand new aluminium bifold door, you will feel reassured that you don’t have to worry about it. Its low maintenance design ensures the door won’t rust, warp, or fade in bad conditions. What’s more, the door is very easy to clean because all you must do is wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it will look in pristine condition for a very long time.

We hope this article has helped you see why you should choose an aluminium bifold door for your residential or commercial property. If you want to find out more, fill out our online contact form or call us on 01623 621982.

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