What Colours do Aluminium Bifold Doors Come In

What Colours do Aluminium Bifold Doors Come In

At Direct Roofing Systems, we supply aluminium bifold doors for the trade. Aluminium doors are proving very popular with customers because they offer outstanding levels of thermal efficiency and let lots of natural light enter your customer’s commercial or residential space. However, one of their biggest selling points is the number of colours they come in. Aluminium is a precious and robust metal, and inform your customer that the doors come in over 150 RAL colours so your customer can enhance their personality. But what are the most popular bifold door colours for customers? Read on to find out more.

Let your customers know that the colours available include Golden Oak and Rosewood. These are popular colours because they bring out a natural wooden look with all the benefits of durable aluminium. It will withstand tough weather conditions and offers minimal maintenance. Inform your customers that the only thing they need to do is wipe the doors down with a soft cloth, and they will look in immaculate condition. Furthermore, Golden Oak offers a honey colour that helps your customer’s residential or commercial property stand out for a very long time. A strong selling point is that it is extremely durable against tough conditions.

Another popular colour to choose from is Black because you can inform your customer that it is a minimalist style. A Black colour fits in with a range of different options and creates a dramatic effect when it is paired with different colours. If your customer has a residential or commercial space, let them know that Black hides dust and dirt for longer, making it harder to see. In a commercial space, this makes it easier, especially with children and dogs running through.

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We also offer a Cream on White colour. Inform your customers that a Cream on White door has many benefits to consider. This will create an illusion of a bigger space and supports large sightlines. By doing this, your customer will experience fantastic panoramic views of the outside world. The bifold doors that we offer support large glazing panels that let in plenty of natural light. However, if your customer chooses a White bifold door, this effect will be enhanced and bolstered even further. Let your customers know that a brighter door will save them money on their energy bills, which, with the cost of living increasing, is a fundamental reason to choose a white door. Furthermore, choosing a White door will blend into any style of residential or commercial décor, making it an extremely versatile colour.

We offer Grey bifold doors in a selection of colours. Let your customer know that our Grey colours are many and varied and suitable for a large range of commercial and residential properties. Grey is a popular choice because it is available in dual colours, so if your customer finds Anthracite Grey too dark, for instance, let them know that they can have a light colour on the inside to counterbalance it. At Direct Roofing Systems, we offer many dual colour options for our customers to consider. In addition to this, a unique selling point about a Grey door is that it provides a perfect background colour to any room, creating an easily formed combination between any commercial or residential décor. The colours we offer include Agate Grey and Grey on White.

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Let your customer know that they can choose Chartwell Green for their bifold doors. Inform them that Chartwell Green is a great alternative to white, and it offers a neutral and cool tone to any commercial or residential property. Inform your customer that it will go fantastic with lighter colours such as silver or white.  Therefore, if they are after a dual option, Chartwell Green makes the perfect choice.

We hope that this article has helped you understand what colour your bifold doors come in for your customer to choose from. They have the choice of many different colours, each one being unique and distinctive. Furthermore, the colours are available in a strong powdered coating,

To get in touch with us about the range of colours on offer, call Direct Roofing Systems on 01623 651982 for free impartial advice on our doors. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

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