What Are The Most Popular Colours For Bifold Doors This Summer?

What Are The Most Popular Colours For Bifold Doors This Summer?

What Are The Most Popular Colours For Bifold Doors This Summer?


At Direct Roofing Systems, we supply a variety of aluminium bifold doors to the trade. Bifold doors are fantastic because they bring plenty of natural light to your customers’ property. This is a unique selling point as your customer will save money on their energy bills, while their commercial or residential property will feel bright and airy. With summer in full swing, bifold doors are increasing in popularity. When they are fully open, the door leaves push back for a grand opening.

The aluminium door profiles from Cortizo are available in anodised aluminium. This process consists of the aluminium coating increasing in thickness. The colours are powder coated, which ensures they will resist the worst conditions. All our doors are Secured by Design accredited, while the doors consist of multi point locking systems built in alongside shootbolt techniques. This will protect your customer from intruders.

Furthermore, another way your customer can increase their home’s personality is by choosing their doors in a selection of colours. Inform your customer that choosing their own colour will complement their existing style and increase their home’s market value in the process. In this article, we will give you a list of popular colours that your customer can choose from this summer.

 Jet Black Aluminium Bifold Doors

A popular colour for your customers’ doors is Jet Black, which provides an industrial feel. Let your customer know that this fits in with most colour schemes, adding a confident look to your home. If your customer is feeling adventurous, they can add a black door to a white building, adding a classy and elegant look to your property.  Inform your customer that with a wooden or textured floor pattern, a black door can add a striking aesthetic to their home.

If your customer finds Jet Black too contrasting, inform your customer that they will benefit from a lighter grey finish that will blend in further with the white background.

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Anthracite Grey

Let your customer know that Anthracite Grey is one of the key colours for your bifold door. It blends in seamlessly with most residential properties and adds a professional look to your property. Let your customer know that these are available in metallic and textured colours, providing your customer with a selection of choices.

Anthracite Grey consists of a unique shade of grey that helps set it apart. It consists of flashes of blue and green depending on the light, making it a strong option for natural settings. It compliments any home and is ideal at hiding dust and debris, resulting in a cleaner look.

Brilliant White

If your customer is looking for ways to bring natural light into their home, then choosing a Brilliant White door will enhance their home. Let your customer know that a White door will compliment many different styles, allowing for a versatile build. In addition, a brightly coloured bifold door will open up your customers’ living space significantly.

Inform your customer that a Brilliant White door is easy to maintain. All your customer has to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it will look as good as new. Dirt and dust spots are easy to spot, reducing the hassle in the long term.

Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors

Slate Grey

Another colour that can make a unique statement in your customers’ property is Slate Grey. This is a unique colour which enhances the wow factor in the home. The door can be enhanced with a silver handle that gives a professional and sleek aesthetic to your customers’ property.

Consider our RAL Colours

We offer a wide selection of RAL colours to choose from which gives your customer extra choice when it comes to enhancing their personality. At Direct Roofing Systems, we offer over 150 high quality RAL colours for our customers’ to choose from. This gives them ample options to design their unique door. Inform them that they can go for vibrant or a muted colours, which reflects and enhances their personality.

The colours that we offer include Black IOlive and Traffic Blue, adding a stylish look to your customers’ aluminium bifold door.


We hope that this article has helped you understand some of the popular bifold door colours that are available for your customers’ home. With a vast selection of choices, give your customer many options to consider.

If you have any questions about how our bifold doors will enhance your customers’ property, our friendly team will be on hand to give you free bespoke advice. Give us a call on 01623 651982  and we will help you with your queries.

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