What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

We believe that aluminium windows are a beneficial installation in modern and traditional homes. They can suit commercial and residential properties thanks to their unique features. But what benefits do aluminium windows have?

All of our window and door locks are fully enclosed, ensuring that they don’t create a weak point for the window by breaking into the beading or glazing. Contact our team to choose from our many options for your next installation.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Because our aluminium windows feature framework with multiple internal chambers, they can offer enhanced levels of insulation and improved -0values. The laminate glazing will offer air tightness as well as improving the security of your space.

When customers choose the triple glazing solution, your customers can enjoy a fantastic 0.9W/m2K U-value. Our manufacturing team use the best materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure these windows achieve market leading standards. These outstandingly low U-values are due to Sheerline’s patented Thermlock® technology and full depth Eurogroove.

Aluminium windows have been crafted using thermal break technology, meaning they create a barrier between the inner and outer panes of glazing. Because this barrier is made using a less conductive material, less heat is transferred. Heat will stay in and the cold out.

Robust Framework

It’s not just premium glazing that ensures a space stays protected from adverse weather conditions. The premium aluminium framework on the windows can cope with intense changes in temperature without warping thanks to the modern polyamide thermal breaks.

Installers will also benefit as our aluminium windows profiles will easily fit the cills thanks to the corner design. This is especially beneficial when refurbishing a space as the corners can be fine tuned to eliminate misalignment.

Because the corner design seals glazing away within the unit, instead of relying on internal beading for security measures.

Sleek and Elegant Looking

Our aluminium windows stand out for being visually appealing. Our aluminium windows are attractive thanks to the clean, contemporary lines and minimal framework. This is why these designs are commonly installed into modern buildings and high rises. Although they are a great way to update period properties.

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With elegant 59mm frames, this range will be able to deliver a good looking and high performing installation. The patented Sheerline construction utilises threaded screws to bind the corners together internally, leaving clean mitre joints. This eliminates square cut beading. You can offer customers stepped, flush stepped, flush contemporary, or contemporary aluminium profiles.


Aluminium is a flexible and adaptable design. Customers will love being able to have full design control over the way their new installation looks. We offer over 150 colours from the bold to the neutral.

Compared to the foils normally used to colour uPVC profiles, the heating process of powder-coating is much more efficient and reliable. This colouring process is exclusive to aluminium windows. No matter the shade chosen it will stay looking bright for many years to come.

Aluminium windows can be configured to almost any shape or size. Regardless of the style you choose, you will enjoy the many benefits that come with aluminium profiles. As an installer, you will be able to offer homeowners a flexible range that can benefit every project and every customer preference.

Strong But Lightweight

Aluminium is inherently strong but can handle expansive panes of glazing. This means our aluminium windows can have expansive panes of glazing with slim profiles. Customers can enjoy a modern window with no bulk that doesn’t compromise friends.

The expansive panes of double glazing featured on our aluminium windows will brighten up a room without compromising on thermal efficiency or security. They can easily illuminate a space that would otherwise be dimly lit. This could save a homeowner or business on their lighting bills. Aluminium windows offer great value to a retail space, as customers will be able to have better views inside.

Easy to Recycle

Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle, making it a fantastic installation for any customer looking to be more environmentally friendly and minimise their carbon footprint. Only 5% of the energy required to create your standard aluminium window is needed to recycle it. This, when combined with the profile’s inherent energy saving qualities make them a green installation.

Thanks to their reputation for being thermally efficient, customers could save money on their energy bills. The better insulated a space is, the less central heating you will need to keep it comfortable. This will also make a building more energy efficient and will minimise the carbon footprint.

Long Lasting

Aluminium windows are a fantastic installation for all types of projects because they are water and air resistant. These profiles have corrosion resistant qualities which them long lasting and easy to maintain. Unlike alternatives on the market, they won’t swell, rot or crack. Aluminium is also resilient to warping, corrosion and flexing.

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