Top Aluminium Window Trends

Top Aluminium Window Trends
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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium window frames have been around since the 19th century, used by architects and builders to create a reliable and stylish product. With their long lifespan and low-maintenance properties, they are a great choice of material for window frames. As well as being hard-wearing and durable, aluminium windows are also highly energy efficient, helping to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, aluminium frames add an urban and contemporary aesthetic to homes. Furthermore, with the advent of modern technology, homeowners now have greater choice when selecting the perfect aluminium frame for their living space. Thanks to specially-designed glass coatings and the finest professional installation, aluminium windows are sure to shine for decades to come. All in all, aluminium windows are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a touch of modern style and efficiency to their home.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top trends in aluminium windows. From classic styles to innovative designs, professional window installers will find all the ideas they need to make their customers’ homes look great.

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Aluminium Windows

1. Slim-Line Aluminium Windows

One of the biggest trends in aluminium windows is the increasingly slimmer frames. This eliminates the bulky edges often associated with traditional aluminium frames and gives the windows a sleek, contemporary look. Furthermore, it reduces the overall weight of the window, making it easier to install while making the interior space feel more spacious.

2. Mixed-Material Windows

Another top trend with aluminium windows is the use of mixed materials. This involves combining different materials such as wood and steel. By combining these materials, installers can create unique, eye-catching designs and match them to the aesthetic of the room.

3. Automated Windows

Automated windows are a growing trend in the aluminium window market. This technology allows windows to be opened and closed remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or voice activated device. Automated windows not only offer convenience to users but can also increase the energy efficiency of a home by keeping the windows closed when needed and thereby help to reduce the energy costs.

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Aluminium Windows

4. Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are a great option for anyone looking to add a modern touch to their aluminium windows. This type of blinds is built into the window frame, allowing the blinds to be easily opened and closed. The blinds can be raised or lowered depending on the amount of light or privacy desired and can help to create a unified look in the home.

5. Tinting and Texturing

Due to advancements in technology, aluminium windows can now be tinted or textured. This allows users to create unique designs on the windows and match them to the overall aesthetic of the room. Tinting and texturing are becoming increasingly popular ways to make aluminium windows stand out while still offering the same level of performance and energy efficiency as traditional types of windows.

6. Decorative Finishes

Decorative finishes offer a way to make aluminium windows even more eye-catching and unique. Finishes such as faux wood grain, or metal treatments, can be applied to the window frame to give the windows a sophisticated look. Professional window installers can help their customers choose the right finish to meet their needs and help create a fantastic look in the home.

Incorporating the latest trends in aluminium windows can help to give any home a more beautiful and efficient look and feel. Professional window installers should be aware of the top trends in this type of window and know how to incorporate them into their windows to give customers the contemporary look they are looking for. Slim-line frames are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a sleek profile, allowing for the maximum amount of light to come in. They also create a modern visual look for the windows. Automated windows are gaining attention as they allow for easier and more convenient opening and closing. Finally, decorative finishes, such as textured panes, coloured frames, and frosted glass can help give a unique style and character to a home. By being knowledgeable of the type of windows available and the trends in the market, a professional window installer can help customers transform their homes into something extraordinary.


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