Signs That Windows Need To Be Replaced

Signs That Windows Need To Be Replaced

Even the best quality windows won’t last forever and will need to be replaced. On average a high quality double glazed installation will last 15-20 years. Their location in the home, how well they have been maintained and what weather conditions they have dealt with.

When windows are beyond maintenance and repair you need to replace them. Leaving broken and outdated windows in a home can make it more expensive to run, make it colder and could compromise the security. Here are some signs that a window needs replacing.

Windows are worn out

Signs of rot or warping on the window alongside signs of failing double glazing are big signs that you need to replace them.

Timber window frames can particularly suffer from these issues. Once rot has set into the wooden profile, it can be pretty hard to rectify it, so we recommend replacing the window. Otherwise wet conditions will be a nightmare until it will become near impossible to open and close the window.

Low quality uPVC windows may discolour over time and as they expand in the hot weather, they can become warped. If a uPVC profile is failing homeowners may notice water leaks, cracks, condensation, holes chips and scratches which will make running a home much more difficult.

High Energy Bills

Old or inefficient windows can have a huge effect on the insulation of a home. Heat will escape through windows which means homeowners will have to use central heating or air conditioning to compensate.

A good way to know if windows are leaking heat is to stand by them. It will be the coldest part of the room and the glazing will be cold to the touch. With energy bills on the rise, it is important that homeowners aren’t wasting money with their inefficient windows.

Older windows also often feature single-glazing and therefore are more vulnerable to leaks. Modern replacement windows are fitted with double glazing to ensure a property has enhanced thermal efficiency. Double glazing with argon gas and low-emissivity (LoE) glass reduces heat loss.

Windows That Won’t Open And Close

A window should be able to open and close, this way it can ventilate a space and act as an emergency exit. There are lots of reasons why the window has become tough or impossible to open.

A common issue is when the window has been painted shut. Other causes for a window being stuck closed include a warped uPVC frame which can expand and warp in warm weather conditions. The uPVC should generally contract back into shape again when it cool down, but if it happens too much the frame may become the wrong shape for the aperture.

Sometimes, the foundations of homes shift, and the profile will not longer properly fill a space. The only way this issue can be rectifies is by replacing the windows.

Your Home Isn’t Soundproof

Modern windows available on the market have been specially designed and manufactured to minimise sound transfer. This can hugely transform how a homeowner uses their space. If you can clearly hear external noises like people talking, music and traffic, from inside the home with a shut window, the window may need updating.

Drafty Windows

Drafts can also cause energy bills to rise. With drafty windows, bills could be 25% higher. Investing in new windows can help save a homeowner money in the long run. Drafts can often happen when the window doesn’t properly close. If the locking mechanism is no longer working, it can also cause a draught. Drafts can also compromise the security is a space as the gaps can make windows easy to force open.

grey aluminium windows
Aluminium Windows

Leaky Windows

If moisture gets between the panes of double glazed windowpane you start getting a build-up of condensation on the inside. While condensation can be wiped around, it can cause mould to grow inside the framework.

When mist or moisture gets inside the window glazing it can’t be fixed, it will stay sat there, obscuring your view, and blocking the light. Your windows will feel dingy and light will be diminished.

These issues generally happen when the seals have become broken, or if the window hasn’t been correctly installed in the first place. In the worst-case scenarios, the window can start to leak, and pools of water will end up inside the home.

Replacing these windows will be a quicker and more cost efficient solution. Repairing the window can be expensive and time consuming for both you and the homeowner.

No Double Glazing

Older, outdated windows may not have double glazing. That may be the reason why a home is too cold in the winter months and too warm in the summer months. Single paned glazing is still commonly installed in older properties and when replaced by double glazing can transform a home.

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