How To Maintain Roof Lanterns

How To Maintain Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is a fantastic way to transform a home. This double glazing installation can help transform a home into a bright and welcoming space. Immerse kitchen, lounges and workspaces with natural light.

Roof lanterns are a popular choice because they open up a space and make even the smallest room appear brighter. This bright focal point can only perform to its optimal level when kept clean and free from dirt build-up. Otherwise, you may be preventing the stream of natural light from illuminating the space below.

With the hotter weather starting to make an appearance in your local area, you may have started wondering how best to clean and maintain roof lanterns. While roof lanterns are stunning designs, knowing how to clean roof lanterns will keep them looking and performing better for longer.

So, let us share with you our top tips on how to best maintain a roof lantern, getting the most from the double glazed installation all year round.

Maintaining the exterior of your roof lantern

Cleaning the exterior of a roof lantern is something many homeowners f our customers are concerned about. We recommend using a sturdy and reliable ladder and make sure you use all the security precautions. You should never stand on or lean on the lantern, even when crafted from the most robust materials.

You must always take care and precaution and never try to clean your roof lantern if you are worried about your safety. Your personal security is always more important than maintaining your roof lantern. When you are there check for leaks, cracked glass or anything else that will weaken how a property performs.

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Roof Lanterns

Clean the outer frame of your roof lantern with a non-abrasive sponge or squeegee, appropriate glass cleaning products, and warm soapy water. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to ensure your installation maintains its structural integrity. If you can, wipe off the excess water with a squeegee, starting at the top of the glass and working your way down. Wipe the blade of the squeegee after each pass to get the smoothest results.

Try not to apply too much soap to the exterior frame as this may spill onto the glass and negatively affect the self-cleaning properties of the glass. To dry the outside of your frame, use a soft micro-fibre cloth for a clear, streak-free finish. As long as the soapy water isn’t dripping, you can leave it to dry naturally.

The best day to clean a roof lantern is when the weather is overcast and the sky a little duller. When it’s sunny, your vision may be impaired. The sun may also encourage the profile to dry too quickly, causing unnecessary streaks. Grey days are the optimal roof lantern maintaining conditions.

Our roof lanterns come with self cleaning glass as standard, which works in two steps.  The first step is that the microscopic organic coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. The second step is that when rainwater falls on the glass of the roof lanterns, it easily runs off and takes the dirt with it. Self cleaning glass can dry quickly and clean itself with rainwater. If it hasn’t rained in some time, use a hose pipe to wet the glass and keep the double glazing clean.

Maintaining the interior of your roof lanterns

You’ll be surprised how quickly the interior glass of a roof lantern picks up dirt. Like any window in a home, it can attract dust, so it is as important to clean inside as it is outside. Much like the outside portion of your roof lanterns, we advise using all relevant safety precautions.

Our durable roof lanterns can become dirty inside. Over time, dust can build up in the ridges, while cobwebs could even form. Move and relocate any furniture that sits under the roof lantern and place an old sheet or sheet of material over the floor directly under the roof lantern, this could eliminate any potential mess. When you are up on the ladder, use a duster to get rid of any cobwebs nearby.

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Gently clean the interior glass of the roof lantern with a non-abrasive sponge, a trusted glass cleaning product, and warm soapy water. If possible, dry the roof lantern with a soft micro-fibre cloth to ensure a clear, streak-free finish.

We recommend cleaning the inside and outside of your roof lanterns every two to three months to ensure it remains looking and performing as good as new for longer.

If you want to find out more about our roof lanterns and how to look after them, you can call us our team on 01623 651 982 or get in touch through our online contact form. We will be sure to help you or answer any query you might have.

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