How to Clean Your Roof Lantern

How to Clean Your Roof Lantern

When you have a roof lantern, you might be wondering how to clean them. It is very important because you want to keep your lantern in optimal condition for a long time. At Direct Roofing Systems, we provide various solutions, so read on to find out more.

When you are cleaning the exterior of your roof lantern, it can seem tricky compared to cleaning the interior. For this, you will need a sturdy ladder to help you get to those difficult spots. This will help you eliminate any greenery, moss, and debris that will clutter your roof. You can also clean the frame with a non-abrasive sponge and warm soapy water. This will give your roof lantern a smooth finish. However, it is important not to put on too much soap because it will spill onto the glass and damage the lantern.

It is important to clean your roof lantern on an overcast day because if the weather is sunny, then you might get bigger streaks in the long run.

Another way you can care for your roof lantern is to check your glass regularly to ensure that it is in the best condition possible. This is done by inspecting if any chips or scratches affect the structural panes of the glass. In addition, you could also suffer from leaks from the roof.

You can also benefit from self cleaning glass which does all the hard work for you. You might be wondering how it works. Self cleaning glass uses plenty of low maintenance techniques that ensure you don’t always clean the glass. What’s more, the outer face of the glass is created with a dual coating action which protects your home from ultraviolet rays and the glare of the sun by using a chemical reaction that powders down dirt and grime. This way, you will feel much more protected for longer. In addition, this will save you money on your energy bills because you won’t have to turn on the lights or even use your central heating.

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When you clean your roof lantern’s interior, a different process is involved. This is because your home could suffer from both cobwebs and loose dirt, which can decrease the impact of your roof lantern. You will need a step ladder to get to the roof lantern, then put the lantern underneath the roof lantern. In addition, all you need is a duster to eliminate the cobwebs, resulting in a cleaner window.

As previously mentioned, your skylight is susceptible to leaks from tough weather conditions. But this could also result in wear and tear or condensation in your room. It could also be that the skylight is not properly shut as well. To maintain your skylight, you should repaint it every three to five years to keep its shine.

Regular maintenance on your skylights is essential to a long lasting installation because it is important that the flashing is in good condition. Flashing is important because it prevents damp water and mildew from entering your home. So with this in mind, it is very important to check the tiles for inspection. You can get a professional involved to do this, as you might not feel comfortable on top of a ladder!

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Regular ventilation will stop condensation from coming into your property. Luckily, this problem is very easy to sort out because you must open the window three or four times a day. This will help give you and your home a more consistent airflow. It will also help save you money on your air conditioning bills because cold air will breeze through easier.

In addition, you can change the filter of your skylight regularly, which will help keep your home thermally efficient. This is because it will save money on your carbon footprint and protect the environment. The double glazed panes is filled with argon gas which helps it become thermally broken from the outside. As a result, your home will be warmer and more comfortable for you and your family.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to clean your roof lantern. At Direct Roofing Systems, our friendly team are always on hand to help you, so you can call our team directly on 01623 651982.

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