How to Clean Bifold Doors

How to Clean Bifold Doors

How to Clean Bifold Doors

If you have invested in bifold doors, you are probably enjoying the added light they bring into your home and love being able to transition into your garden easily. Bifold doors are known for being really simple to maintain and hard-wearing, but over time your door will start to gather dirt and dust and need cleaning. Keep reading to find out our best tips on how to clean bifold doors.

How to clean bifold doors

Do it at The Right Time

When cleaning bifold doors, it is important that you choose the right kind of day to do it. If you clean the glass of your doors on a warm, sunny day, then the cleaning solution will dry too quickly. This will leave the surface with unsightly streaks. Instead, pick a cloudy, cooler day to ensure the streaks do not dry in before you’ve had a chance to wipe the glass.

Clean the Inside

The insides of your doors are always going to be cleaner than the outside, but they still need sprucing up every now and then to remove any fingerprints or smudges. It is best to clean the inside of your bifold doors first as this prevents you from dragging dust from outside all over the interior of the door.

Clean the Glass

When deciding how to clean bifold doors, one of the most common questions is how you should clean the glass and what cleaning solution should you use. There are two clear winners here, first, you can use ordinary glass cleaner which is available in all major supermarkets. Alternatively, and often the cheaper option, is to mix distilled vinegar and water. This DIY glass cleaning solution is a great alternative to the harsh chemicals in traditional glass cleaners. Whatever you decide to use, spray it all over the glass and then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. Choosing to use microfibre cloths means you are less likely to get those dreaded streaks.


This next step is really important. Once you have cleaned and wiped the windows, take the time to buff them dry. This will leave them with that all-important shine which will have them looking good as new! A lot of people use crumpled up newspaper for this task, but a clean, dry, microfibre cloth will also get the job done.

How to Clean Bifold Door Frames

Once the glass is clean, turn your attention to the frames of the bifold doors. To do this, just use a cloth and some soapy water and wipe them down. Make sure not to use any abrasive chemicals or scouring pads when doing this, as this can ruin the finish of your doors. For any really stubborn stains, a little white spirit on a cloth will usually remove it.

Clean the Seals and Tracks

The seals and tracks of your bifold doors are a part that is often neglected by homeowners. To keep your doors looking great and performing well, it is worth spending a bit of time cleaning the seals and tracks every month. Start by running a vacuum cleaner nozzle along the tracks and seals, this will remove any large particles that could get stuck and damage your door. Then, use some multipurpose cleaner and an old toothbrush and scrub the remaining dirt out. Doing this regularly will keep the doors from getting stuck and ensure they have a long-lasting future.  The most durable doors are aluminium bifold doors as they are resistant to flexing and twisting which can often damage doors made of other materials.

How to Clean Your Bifold Doors to Keep Them Looking Great

If you do all these things on a regular basis, your bifold doors will continue to look as good as the day you installed them. This will allow you to continue letting natural light into your home and enjoying the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces that bifold doors allow you.

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