How to Choose the Best Roof Lanterns For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Roof Lanterns For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Roof Lanterns For Your Home

A roof lantern is an ideal showpiece for your home because it has many benefits. This includes letting in plenty of natural light in your home. It will increase your home’s market value as well because potential buyers will be able to benefit from a brighter, more welcoming living space. You might be wondering which is the best roof lantern to choose from. At Direct Roofing Systems, we can help you, so read on to find out more.

When you choose a brand new roof lantern, the rays of light will channel into every part of your space. It is very versatile because it can be fitted into a bathroom, kitchen, or even a loft space. So you will be able to benefit from a real touch of magic when you choose a roof lantern. Roof lanterns are great ways to save energy in your home because their glass roofs will retain natural heat into your property, leaving the cold air outside. You will save money on your energy bills in the long run.

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Roof Lanterns

There there are many well known brands to choose from, which include Atlas and Korniche. These bring in plenty of natural light that will brighten up a darker room and do wonders for your room height because they will bring a positive energy into whatever room they are fitted in.

If you get a larger roof lantern, then it will complement the size of your room. So if you are in a conservatory, you will also benefit from a bespoke fit which will help you determine how you want your lantern. It can come in a wide range of styles and finishes too, so there is something that will suit your needs.

Slimline Roof Lantern  

If you are looking to create a showpiece in your home, then a slimline roof lantern will be an ideal fixture in your space. This style has one of the slimmest frames on the market, which is suitable if you want to get beautiful skyline views of your property. As a result, you will get a clearer and more enjoyable view of the outside world.

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Roof Lanterns

What’s more, this style is thermally efficient, so it will help reduce your carbon footprint in the long run. You will get lots of natural light in your home, which will increase its value. And it will save you money on your heating bills which will reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment. This lantern comes with an electronic opening vent, while you can add an automatic climate and rain sensor, which opens and closes automatically. This lantern is perfect for square and rectangle shaped rooms.

Pyramid Roof Lantern

Alternatively, you can go for a Pyramid Roof Lantern for your home as well. This offers a similar shape to the slimline roof lantern because it offers a square shape in comparison to a rectangular roof lantern style.  You will benefit from a motorised opening which will open the roof up and let the sunshine and fresh air in.

This will save you plenty of money on your energy bills because it will bring more natural heat in and the cold air out.  It also benefits from a roof sensor which will be ideal if the weather turns sharply. You and your family will stay warm and comfortable for a very long time.

One difference that a Pyramid roof lantern has over a slimline roof lantern is that it is suitable for smaller spaces.

Korniche Roof Lantern

As previously mentioned, a Korniche Roof Lantern is one of the leading manufacturers in the home improvement industry. They design lanterns which give a classic but contemporary feel to your property while adding plenty of aesthetic to your home. When you choose a roof lantern from Korniche, you will get a design that brings the best of both timber and modern elements, which results in a longer lasting lantern.

What’s more, these lanterns are created bespoke to your needs because you can choose from as many colours and styles as you desire. This is ideal because you have free rein over how you want to design your lantern, helping you stamp your personality all over your home. The advanced double glazing that comes with the lantern will also help you get the highest quality standards in security and warmth, keeping you and your family safe for longer.

Traditional Roof Lantern

However, you might be looking for a lantern with a more traditional feel. This will help your home stand out with a classic and retro feel. However, similarly to the other roof lanterns in this list, they also come with a stunning range of colours, handles, and even a bell ridge design as well. There are many different options that you can consider which will personalise your lantern while helping your property stand out easier.

These lanterns are equipped with manual or electronic openings, giving you an abundance of choices in the long run. It is very suitable in kitchens and bathrooms in which you can benefit from additional ventilation. Your traditional roof lantern will work very well in an orangery or a conservatory where privacy is very important.


We hope that you found this article helpful when deciding which roof lantern is best for you. if you want more information on our roof lanterns, then use our online quote to design your dream lantern. Alternatively, call us on 01623 651982, and our friendly team will be here to help you.    

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