Home Improvements To Maximise Natural Light

Home Improvements To Maximise Natural Light

With the evenings becoming lighter for a little longer, it’s only natural that homeowners and commercial space owners want to make the most of sunlight while they have it. 

Here at Direct Roofing Systems, we have a wide range of home improvements available for residential and commercial trade customers of the highest quality, which we’re proud to supply. Any of these would be excellent investments to allow any influx of natural light into your space. 

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of some of the best home improvements to maximise natural light levels in any space to make it look brighter and therefore feel bigger than ever. If you need some more advice and recommendations, we welcome you to contact our team. 

How To Maximise Natural Light

With the sun shining (well, sometimes – it’s the UK, after all) it’s only right to want to maximise it and make the most of it. Sunshine makes everyone feel a little better, so it’s no wonder that filling a space with natural light is a great way to make it look more appealing, whether it’s a residential or commercial space.

To achieve this from a home improvement point of view, you’ll want to consider products that are more open than others. For example, bifold doors offer a great open partition for any living space. They allow lots of natural light to flow through even when they’re closed. If you’re looking at a new front door, you can recommend one with double or triple glazing so sunlight flows through. There’s more info on those products below. 

There are other ways to improve natural light intake. Being mindful of wall and ceiling colours is an excellent way to do this, with white or similarly light colours proving an easy way to reflect natural light and make a room feel brighter, even when actual sunlight may be minimal. Particularly glossy paint can even cause a mirror-like effect to enhance this.

aluminium sash windows

Products To Maximise Natural Light

As mentioned above, our aluminium bifold doors are a great way to maximise the amount of natural light that flows through a space. Even when closed, the massive glass panels of bifold doors allow sunlight to pour through. Our modern slim framed bifolds like the ones that we offer mean minimal disruption to views and maximising the amount of light you can let in. 

Additionally, roof lanterns and skylights are effective, striking choices. As they’re in the ceiling rather than the walls (which goes without saying – but worth reiterating!) then they are less likely to be affected and obscured by outdoor objects. A homeowner won’t have to worry about a neighbour’s overhanging tree taking away their sunlight when they’re getting it directly through a roof lantern instead! 

Even replacing windows with newer, more modern engineered profiles can achieve the same effect. Some older timber or uPVC windows can have thick frames that end up detracting from the view and reducing the amount of light that’s coming in. But cutting edge aluminium windows, like the aluminium bifold doors mentioned earlier, boast slim frames to maximise natural light all year, especially when you need it most. 

black bifold doors

Benefit from Maximum Natural Light with Us

Here at Direct Roofing Systems, our wealth of experience in the residential and commercial trade sectors means that we understand what matters most to our customers and the end user. Natural light never fails to draw the eye and create a space that’s sure to impress, so understanding which improvements can maximise this is a key consideration. 

Our range of products includes roof lanterns, bifold doors and aluminium windows – which are excellent investments in a living space to allow it to be filled with natural light. Not only that but with these modern profiles, you’ll be able to maximise the sunlight available and create an eye catching, and brighter space to be proud of.

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