Five Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

Five Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

Thanks to Covid-19 many more of us are now working from home. Instead of spending our days sitting in a purpose-built office surrounded by colleagues, we’re working from bedrooms, kitchen tables, or conservatories and meeting with people over zoom rather than in person. It can take time to get used to working from home, but improving your home office setup can be a big step in the right direction.

Home Office Setup

In today’s post, we’re looking at five ways you can upgrade your home office, from the very cheap and simple to the slightly more time-consuming. By adopting some or all, of these ideas, you’ll soon be the envy of your zoom meetings!

Consider a Standing Desk

Standing desks have been around for some time, and you’re probably already aware of the benefits they can offer their users. Quite simply, humans aren’t designed for sitting all day in one position. Standing desks help tackle the negative impact of prolonged sitting and are great for posture, reducing blood pressure and reducing fatigue.

Most standing desks also double as a regular height desk and are easily converted between the two by pressing a button or turning a handle. If you’re not ready to make the full commitment, then desk risers are also available, which convert standard-height desks into standing desks.

Add Plants

Having a pot plant on your desk may feel like a bit of a cliché, but a bit of greenery in your home office setup can have lots of advantages. Office plants improve air quality by removing pollutants from the air. Studies have also found that plants in an office help stimulate creativity and improve concentration.

Increase Natural Light

There is nothing worse than being cooped up in an office all day with no windows and no exposure to natural light. Exposure to natural light has many benefits for humans, including boosting productivity levels and making us less susceptible to illness.

When you’re working from in office, there is very little you can do about improving the natural light levels you are exposed too. However, when you work from home, you have more control over your environment. If your home office setup is currently lacking natural light, then consider moving closer to a window.

If you’re planning on working from home long term, then it’s worth considering some more significant changes. Bifold doors, patio doors, and roof lanterns are all relatively inexpensive but can transform a room from feeling dark and dreary to light and spacious. All three options let natural light flood into a property, which is sure to give any home office a big lift.

Control the Clutter

When you don’t have a boss leaning over your shoulder, and there are no colleagues to impress, there is a temptation to allow clutter to mount up on your desk.

If you’re busy, it’s very easy to let paperwork build up, coffee cups linger, and rubbish bins overflow. However, research has shown that a tidy desk space makes people more productive and less stressed.

If you don’t have any storage in your office, then consider investing in some simple shelves or a cabinet. This is a fantastic opportunity to get creative and repurpose and upcycle some old and unloved furniture.

At the end of each day, spend five minutes tidying your desk and popping stuff away into your new storage. When you come to it the following day, your desk will be nice and clear and ready for you to work.

Surround Yourself with Things you Love

Your home office does not need to be boring and sterile. Working from home allows you to decorate and accessorise your space with items that bring you joy.

If you like the space you work in, you are more likely to enjoy the time you spend there. If you’re happy while you work then, your productivity will improve, and your quality of work is also likely to increase.

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