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Each of our conservatory roofs is tailor-made for each individual project. They are precision surveyed and factory-made, ensuring a perfect fit for every size and configuration of roof. Here at Direct Roofing Systems, we know how to help any living space achieve its full potential. Talk to our team about our replacement conservatory roofs today.

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The original aim of a conservatory was to create a room to grow plants and enjoy looking at the garden. It is often not considered as living space. Conservatories are commonly a transition space from house to garden and can feel separated from the rest of the home. At the time of installation, a glazed roof to maximise natural light seemed like a good idea. Then in hot summers and cold winters, the conservatory became an uncomfortable space that no one wants to spend time in. A tiled conservatory roof replacement will change an underused space into a new living area.

With the development of innovative materials, it is now possible to install a tiled roof replacement onto your existing conservatory. A lightweight frame supports a multi-layered roof which provides insulation. With efficient ventilation, it can prevent condensation and ensure a constant ambient temperature. Installing a solid tiled roof to your conservatory will transform the room from a seasonal space into a living area that can be used all year round.



An energy-efficient solid conservatory roof includes insulation that reduces the amount of heat lost. This will save any homeowner money on energy bills, making them an excellent investment.

With energy efficient products, our replacement conservatory roofs will enable any customer to save money on heating bills. With less heat escaping and warmth staying where you want it, homeowners will have better control over the comfort of their space.



Creating additional living space that can be used all year round is an ideal way to increase the value of any house. Tiled conservatory roofs are a cost-effective home improvement that makes properties look and feel a lot more desirable to potential buyers.

That way, as well as saving money on energy bills, homeowners will be making an investment in the future of their home. A conservatory roof replacement works perfectly as a way to give you peace of mind right now while also investing in your future if you plan to move.


The innovative multi-layer roof system has been developed to fit any existing conservatory model or style. Each new conservatory roof is tailor-made after a precise site survey. The roof is built to bespoke measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

With such a bespoke design, it’s easy for any customers to design a space that looks and feels exactly as they want it to, opening up their homes to natural light as well as a wealth of new possibilities.



For more information about our range of made to order tiled replacement conservatory roof , please call us on 01623 651982 or contact us online.

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