Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows: Which One is Right For You?

Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows: Which One is Right For You?

We have seen a sharp rise in demand for aluminium windows at Direct Roofing Systems. They bring many benefits and selling points for your customers to consider. We have decades of experience in selling aluminium windows to customers, but in this article, we will compare them against uPVC windows to see which one is right for your customers.

A strong selling point of uPVC windows is that they are very robust and durable. This will help protect your customers against tough weather conditions such as wind, rain, or hail.

As a result, your customers’ home stays warm and dry in the process. The advanced double glazing with the windows as standard will help enhance your customers’ home and give it a satisfying temperature all year round. This helps protect the environment because it will save money on rising energy bills. If your customer is in an area with heavy rainfall, their home will be protected.

What’s more, uPVC windows are easy to maintain. The only thing your customer needs to do is wipe the window with soapy water and a damp cloth, which will look immaculate.

aluminium windows
Aluminium Windows

Another strong selling point about uPVC windows is that they are available in many colours and styles. This gives your customer unlimited choices to redesign their windows. We offer a selection of colours and styles to enhance their property. 

A uPVC window is a strong insulator of sound, which is ideal if a customer lives in a noisy area. This is another unique selling point because it will help provide extra privacy in your home. It extends to the inside of your property because you will have conversations that stay indoors without worrying about the sound travelling.

uPVC windows are secure for your home. Ensuring your customer’s home is secure is one of the most fundamental things because it will ward off intruders. You can inform your customers that the advanced double glazing withstands hard knocks and strong winds, while tools such as crowbars will not be able to raise the windows open.

Inform your customers that uPVC windows offer clean and sleek sightlines for their property. This will bring out the beautiful panoramic views because they remain unobtrusive.

Compared to uPVC windows, Aluminium windows are stronger and more robust so that they will last longer in your customers’ home. The windows have sturdy frames resilient to tough weather conditions without rusting or discolouring. Furthermore, the windows offer exceptional quality and keep your customers’ property warm because of their polyamide thermal breaks. This traps warm air, leaving cold air outside, ensuring that customers save money on their energy bills.

white aluminium windows
Aluminium Windows

 What’s more, the windows come with a corner design which helps the windows align perfectly. A unique selling point is the corner design keeps your customers’ home secure as it seals it away from the glass, meaning intruders won’t be able to break it open. The aluminium windows are Secured by Design accredited, which is a police backed initiative that ensures every home is safe to live in. Your customer or client will appreciate that your aluminium window will offer advanced security measures.

Aluminium windows will give your customers’ home outstanding levels of energy efficiency. Our laminate glazing will keep your home more secure and airtight. We offer triple glazing, which gives your windows extremely low U Values of 0.9W/m2K. The better insulated a window is, the lower its U Value, resulting in a warmer home. We partner with Thermlock’s unrivalled multi chambered design which keeps your home insulated against the worst of the UK weather.

Another selling point of aluminium windows is their outstanding sightlines because they let maximum amounts of light flood into your customers’ home.

The frames are available in a wide range of colours, giving your customer plenty of options. Thermlock technology keeps your customers’ home snug and cosy, working with advanced double glazing to create a leading thermal performance. The cills are crafted by Sheerline, which consists of innovative built in weather seals that keep rain and draughts outside.

We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of uPVC and aluminium windows. This gives your customers a range of options to consider. If you have any further questions, call us on 01623 651982

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