6 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Your Home

6 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Your Home

6 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Your Home

A home should be an encapsulation of its residents’ personality. A great way to reflect oneself in their home is to add a little wow factor – something surprising or eye-catching that wouldn’t usually be considered in the space. Wow factor can originate from design elements or furnishings, as long as it’s a focal point. To help you create a visual masterpiece, we have collated a list of six ways to add wow factor to your home.

6 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Your Home

Ingenious Storage Solutions

A chaotic space can reduce the enjoyment of your home so take time to declutter and clean your house. We’re not suggesting throwing all your belongings away. Investing in some well-designed storage which suits the layout of your space whilst providing practical clutter solutions.

First consider what belongings need to be stored, this way the units can be designed around their contents, making them as effective as possible. We recommend consulting a joinery company to create bespoke storage, perfect for your home and possessions.

Colour and Texture

A quick and easy method to add wow factor to your home is through a pop of colour. Select a bold wallpaper or eye-catching paint to feature on a prominent wall. Alternatively, dress a room in extravagant furnishings to achieve the same impact.

If colour isn’t really your thing, use texture to create movement in a room. Textures help to breathe life into a cold or uninspiring space to create a welcoming ambience, all whilst generating that wow factor you were searching for.


If the correct piece of art is selected, it can change the entire mood of a room. To make a statement, we advise having one large piece of art – two or three dimensional – in a minimalist area of your home. Remember, artwork goes beyond the conventional painting, it could be a statement piece of furniture or lighting. To create a wow factor through light fixtures, choose dramatic sizes, shapes and finishes. Alternatively, hang your fixtures low to create a statement.

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings create the same luxurious feel as double-height spaces without sacrificing any floor space. To create this design, you will need loft space above top-floor rooms, therefore vaulted ceilings are particularly beneficial for those homes with a low-pitched roof in which a loft conversion would not be feasible. To generate that extra wow factor, leave steel joints or beams exposed, although we recommend consulting a structural engineer beforehand to evaluate its safety.

Letting the Outside In

The ultimate wow factor can be achieved by creating an expansive space in which a home’s interior and exterior are seamlessly connected. Not only will this flood your home with natural light, but it will also create the illusion of additional space. The most effective and lavish method to merge indoor and outdoor spaces is through the installation of bifold doors.

We recommend investing in aluminium bifold doors as the material is stronger compared to the UPVS alternative. This means the framework is minimal and allows for additional glass in each panel. To truly create that continuity from inside to outside, mirror the flooring from your home to your patio. This seamless appearance helps your room appear much larger, whilst adding a little finesse.

Adding a range of plants and vegetation to your space is an inexpensive alternative that brings some outdoor magic to your home. Use a combination of larger vegetation with small houseplants to create an interesting interior jungle.


Whatever your wow factor may be, it’s important to consider the quality of the item. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option, it just means making an informed decision by consulting a range of professionals or retailers before investing in your piece. You want to choose a statement that with longevity, so closely evaluate the materials it is made from and whether it is durable. This way, you won’t need to repurchase in the future.

If much of your budget is spent on a quality wow factor piece, you can always save money elsewhere. For instance, if you choose a lavish piece of artwork for your bedroom, purchase your bedroom storage from cost-friendly retailers. This way, you still achieve your wow factor without going over budget.

Houses are much more than a space to reside, they should uplift and stimulate their occupants. To achieve the wow factor you desire, follow our six useful methods to improve your home. Whether you hope for a peaceful paradise or an extravagant abode, all you need is a few simple design tweaks and some imagination.

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